When designing your customized SARTIE kitchen, you can choose between combinations of different modules, closing mechanisms, arrangements and lighting. Here are some of the options:


The pursuit for clean lines and simplistic beauty typical of minimalist design naturally breeds a desire to declutter. Premium kitchens today are seen first and foremost as part of a home's interior design and secondarily as a place with function. That is why the functional modules in our kitchens are perfectly integrated, with the possibility of hiding the working spaces behind sliding elements when they are not in use.


With CAMELEON You can transform your kitchen worktop with just one push of a button. In this way, the back panel retracts, revealing a place to store products and accessories, leaving the worktop completely available.


In the design of the XOOM kitchen cabinets, we have succeeded to combine elegance and functionality in the best way, without disturbing the look and style of the kitchen. With the “pocket doors”- system You have access to a space designed according to your needs and desires.


Today’s kitchens are at the center of the open architectural plan typical of modern homes, and they belong to everyone. Therefore, they must be considered in the context of the overall interior design of the space they are integrated in. The RIVELO cabinet is the embodiment of the concept of harmony between form and functionality. Its "sliding doors"- system makes it possible to "close" the working kitchen space behind the elegant panels, allowing your kitchen to naturally fit into the interior.


The perfect lighting in a kitchen is of utmost importance. Not only will it help You enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in it, but also will let You use the working space efficiently. LENTERA is a unique lighting system that combines functionality and aesthetics inherent in all SARTIE kitchen models.


A clean and tidy space brings the feeling of harmony and balance. Our exclusive storage and organization concepts are the perfect complement to any custom-designed kitchen. MALABAYO gives You complete freedom to express Your creativity with the various possibilities for organizing the space in Your SARTIE kitchen.


Lightweight, durable, ergonomic, elegant and fully recyclable. These are the characteristics of this unique aluminum construction, which is used in combination with different materials.


A rotating table that transforms the space depending on Your needs. In this way we tempt You to stay a little longer in the kitchen– with a book, or with a laptop if You have to work from home.